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Last week my MagSafe adapter for my Mac died. *sadface* So I bought a new one ($79 - ouch!) and it worked at first, then it didn't. I changed outlets, rebooted, etc. but still nothing. So I exchanged it for another, thinking it was just defective, but the new one didn't work either. So I made an appointment with a "Genius" at the UWS Apple Store and found the problem. I hadn't downloaded the firmware update that would have allowed my computer to recognize the newly redesigned adapter. Which I guess explains why it worked at first and then my computer basically went "wait, what?".

I really loved this week's Doctor Who, but it brought something I've been feeling lately into sharper relief. I'm all for exploring Rory's and Amy's relationship, and I loved that "The Girl Who Waited" was kind of a reverse of "Amy's Choice." But I don't think my heart can take much more of the tension of whether or not they're really in this marriage thing for the long haul, whether they really love each other (or at least love each other equally), and the way their traveling with the Doctor seems to exacerbate all that. I LOVE both of them as companions, but if, as has been widely rumored, both Karen and Arthur are bowing out as full-time companions next season, I think the show is setting it up quite well, actually. Plus, if the writers plan on exploring the Doctor's relationship with River much further, having her parents around (with everyone's full knowledge that they ARE her parents) is just going to be ... weird.

Speaking of River, I'm glad they're keeping her to a once-in-a-while character. I love her to pieces and I'm sad when she's not in an episode, but she's like Omar on The Wire. The temptation with a character like that that catches on with the audience is to use them more or give them a spin-off or something, but then you lose the sense of looking forward to seeing them; the character loses their impact and part of what makes them so enjoyable in the first place. And oh my goodness, do I ever NOT want this show to be week after week of "Romancing the Stone." I'm a giddy schoolgirl for Doctor/River, but even I can only take so much (and ugh, the shippers make me want to stab something).

Saw Contagion this weekend, which is excellent. Very methodical and precise, but covers all the ground you could ever want and more of what would happen if an epidemic like that ever struck our world. Not a whole lot of emotion, but what's there is really lovely. Matt Damon, Jennifer Ehle, and Kate WInslet get some especially lovely moments. And you can just tell that Jude Law is having the most fun of anyone playing an utter bastard of a character. In other movie news, OMG I CAN'T WAIT FOR DRIVE THIS WEEKEND!

In semi-social news, my Rifftrax meetup group is, errr, meeting up to watch Abraxas this weekend. Haven't been to one of these in a while, so I'm terribly excited. And then *next* weekend Cinematic Titanic is coming to town! It's Riff-A-Palooza!
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